Manhattan Luxury Real Estate

A premier Oceanside location makes Manhattan Beach and all of the “Beach Cities” a tremendously attractive option for Los Angeles residents who want a convenient location with a relaxed lifestyle. Manhattan luxury real estate is a very active market, and multiple offers are common on these outstanding properties.  The help of an experienced local agent makes it possible to navigate the often complex negotiations that take place before a deal is struck.  Beach City Castles specializes in Manhattan Beach real estate and has the experience to guide the buying process to your desired conclusion.

The client’s interests must always drive the home search, and Manhattan luxury real estate can accommodate many different types of buyers. For some, a lavish beachfront home may not fill the bill. Those seeking a smaller property close to the action will be excited to find the elegant apartments and townhomes in the Sand section of town. These can be found among larger homes in this exclusive section, which is very close to the beach, and feature garden and patio areas and quick access to the Manhattan Beach Pier. For families, more space and less congestion may be a priority; here the Tree section may be perfect, with its larger lots and more suburban feel. Typical lot size in this area is 40’ across, and homes range from 1000 square feet to over 3000.

Luxury Real Estate in Manhattan Beach

Homes in Manhattan Beach offer luxury, location, and lifestyle in a friendly, convenient package.  Manhattan luxury real estate represents some of the most desirable properties on the west coast, with amazing weather and inspiring views.  Beach City Castles offers expert, personalized service in all stages of your real estate transaction. Contact us today to get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon and to helping you with all your real estate needs – big and small.


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