Manhattan School Districts

The attraction of Manhattan Beach is easily understood with a glance at the beach and the people enjoying a walk along the pier. This is a classic California beach town with added comfort and amenities.  A closer look reveals another major factor that leads many –especially families- to choose this town of 35,000: Manhattan school districts are outstanding.  The Manhattan Unified School District is an award-winning collection of excellent public schools.  They are nationally recognized for their quality and high graduation rates, and were recently rated #3 in the state of California. 

The community supports the school system through the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation, which provides grants to the seven schools in the district. These include 5 elementary, 1 middle and 1 high school. This group has been instrumental in allowing Manhattan School Districts to keep class size small and save teacher jobs. The high quality schools are a decisive factor for many in deciding to make their home in Manhattan Beach, and Manhattan Beach realtors are happy to provide comprehensive information on the quality education available here. 

Moving to the Manhattan Beach School Districts

While the median home price in Manhattan Beach is around $2 million, the fact that private school tuition is unnecessary here helps many parents to be able to invest more in housing than otherwise possible. Community involvement in Manhattan School Districts keeps the quality high, even through difficult fiscal times for the state.  Residents of Manhattan Beach are especially committed to this kind of community involvement, and this is one of the many great things about Manhattan Beach. To learn more, connect with our team of real estate experts today. We look forward to hearing from you soon and to helping you make your home here in Manhattan Beach. 

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